With over 600k monthly active users and rated top 40 under Social Networking in the App Store, I was the sole developer working on this project.

Through proper implementation of multi-threading, I optimized algorithmic run time by over 50%. With the cacheing system I developed, was able to solve long-running issue from before my time, cutting down customer complaints by over 70%.

Scan App

A simple, yet practical app for scanning PDF documents. I was the sole developer working on this project.

Umbrella Today

A personal project. A minimalist weather app with beautiful user interface.

Built using Swift, Alamofire, and RxSwift.

What To Cook

A personal project to help users find recipes with their leftover ingredients. Ranked in top 200 under Food & Drink on App Store with over 2,000 downloads.

15 Puzzle

A simple puzzle game. Uses solvability algorithm to ensure the user doesn't lose their mind.